Realistic simulation of various lighting situations
Realistic light-specific shadow rendering
Realistic light-specific rendering of model lighting
Realistic rendering of diffuse light reflections of model lighting on ground
Realistic material-specific light reflections and mirror effects on surface of models
Realistic blurred motion rendering of rotating propellers, rotors and rotor heads
Realistic light reflections on rotating propellers and rotors
Realistic rendering of exhaust clouds with various densities
Realistic rendering of sun dazzle (adjustable)
Realistic rendering of haze and fog (adjustable)
Stereoscopic 3D rendering
  Compatible with Oculus Rift
  Compatible with NVIDIA 3D Vision (shutter glasses and red/blue anaglyph glasses)
Window mode (rendering in application window)
Full screen mode (available resolutions depending on graphics card)
Anisotropic texture filtering
Trilinear texture filtering
Vsync optional


Realistic original engine sounds
Realistic helicopter rotor blade flapping sound
Realistic simulation of Doppler effect
Realistic distance-dependent volume reduction
Realistic wind noise
Scenery specific ambient noise


Photorealistic presentation textured with high-resolution images
Detailed reproduced 3D-models
Realistic simulation of aerodynamics
Realistic simulation of ground effect
Realistic simulation of vortex ring condition
Realistic simulation of landing gear (suspension, damping, friction, steering, wheel rotation)
Electric drives
Gas engines
Scale models
Trainer models
Aerobatic models
3D style models
Expo adjustable
Flight characteristics adjustable according to numerous parameters
Retractable gear remote controllable
  3D helicopters
  Scale helicopters
  Electric helicopters
  Nitro helicopters
  F3C helicopters
  Collective pitch helicopters
  Fixed pitch helicopters
  Gyro mode remote controllable (NORMAL and HEADING-HOLD)
  Gyro sensibility remote controllable
  Realistic simulation of autorotation
  Realistic simulation of rpm drops in any flight attitude
  Realistic simulation of overspeeds up to destruction of the model
  Realistic simulation of main rotor plane tilt
  Realistic simulation of main rotor cone angle
  Realistic simulation of possible imbalance in main rotor system
  Powered gliders
  Flying wings
  Realistic simulation of various kinds of stalls
  Flaps remote controllable
  Realistic representation of control surfaces
  Realistic representation of folding propellers
  Realistic simulation of flight controllers
  Realistic simulation of inaccuracies in sensor systems
  Realistic simulation of camera gimbals
  Realistic simulation of low battery warnings
  Realistic simulation of status-LEDs (colour and flashing codes)
  DJI NAZA-M IOC Modes remote controllable (OFF, COURSE LOCK, HOME LOCK)
  DJI NAZA-M Control Modes remote controllable (GPS, ATTITUDE, RETURN TO HOME, MANUAL)
  YUNEEC Flight Mode remote controllable (SMART, ANGLE, HOME)
  YUNEEC Control Rates remote controllable
  YUNEEC GPS stabilization remote controllable (ON, OFF)
  YUNEEC Camera TILT Mode remote controllable (ANGLE, VELOCITY)
  YUNEEC Camera TILT remote controllable
  YUNEEC Camera PAN remote controllable
  YUNEEC Follow/Watch Mode remote controllable


Photorealistic 3D panorama sceneries in high resolution quality
  Sceneries with paved runway
  Sceneries with grass runway
  Slope soaring sceneries with realistic slope wind profiles and lee vortices
  Indoor scenery
  Night flying scenery
    Twilight phase adjustable
    Realtime twilight (optional)
    Automatic equipment of any model with night flight lighting
  Detailed reproduction of terrain profile
  Detailed reproduction of obstacles
  Realistic collision simulation against obstacles (e.g. landing and balancing)
  Realistic simulation of various ground properties (hardness, depth, friction, bumps, roughness, damping)
  Warning when flying into site-specific no-fly zones (optional)
  Display of compass rose at footpoint (optional)
  Location-specific initial position for aircraft and helicopter separately adjustable
Scenery with selectable pilot position
  Realistic representation of windsock
  Orientation aids sky grid (optional)
    Available as grid, lines or crosses
    Grid density adjustable
    Virtual guide for traffic pattern (optional)
  Vegetation density adjustable
  Terrain elevations adjustable


Transmitter connection via REFLEX XTR² USB interface
Transmitter connection via gamecontroller-compatible simulator interface
Transmitter connection via YUNEEC USB Simulator Connector
  Support of all YUNEEC transmitters including specific features and telemetry
  Wizard for executing the bind procedure
Number of channels: 12
Specific functions controllable via remote control or keyboard
Ground start option
Hand launch start option (launch initial altitude and launch speed adjustable)
FPS display


Realistic simulation of wind gusts
Realistic simulation of local upward currents and turbulences
Realistic thermal simulation
Wind force adjustable in Bft.
Wind speed adjustable in m/s
Intensity of wind gusts adjustable
Wind direction adjustable
Upward current adjustable


Dynamic flight impression achieved by sluggish camera motion (adjustable)
Dynamic flight impression achieved by predictive camera motion (adjustable)
Simulation of the model pilots human movements (adjustable)
Distance-dependent camera auto zoom (adjustable)
Camera field of view adjustable
Camera position option: fixed at pilot
Camera position option: following behind model (only in scenery with selectable pilot position)
Camera position option: onboard (only in scenery with selectable pilot position)
Onboard camera position adjustable in 3 dimensions

Training options

Free flying
Hover Trainer
  Number of learning steps: 8
  Inverted Flight mode
  Initial position selectable (view from behind, view from front, view from left, view from right)
  Automatic restart in case of lost control
Torque Trainer
  Number of learning steps: 5
  Initial position selectable (view from top, view from bottom, view from left, view from right)
  Automatic restart in case of lost control
Crash&Retry Trainer
  Rewind time when crashed adjustable
  Automatic increase of rewind time in case of repeated crashes
Support of the Stickmover from AVIrem
  Output of stick position during live simulation
  Output of stick position during playback of recorded flights
  Output of stick position from pilots joined in flight convention
  Adjustment of Expo values for Yaw, Nick, Roll and Pitch
Engine failure with adjustable probability
Tail rotor failure with adjustable probability
Simulation time expansion factor adjustable (0,6 - 25,0)
Promenade (only in scenery with selectable pilot position)


Joint flying with other REFLEX XTR² pilots
Connection with other participants via Internet
Connection with other participants via LAN
Maximum number of pilots per flight convention: 8
No registration or subscription required
No additional charges (except possible costs for network connection)
Create your own flight convention as a host
Select running flight conventions for participation
Password protection for private flight conventions
Collision simulation against other participants
Automatic determination of alternative start position if selected one occupied
Save flights of any participants (e.g. for later investigation)
Pause, rewind and fast-forward flights of any participants (e.g. for immediate investigation)
Convenient playback control of paused flights with the Radio display
Window for displaying and submitting text messages to any participants
Window for displaying list of participants with indication of name, model and latency
Observe participants (with right mouse button click and context menu)
Ignore participants (with right mouse button click and context menu)
Disqualify participants (with right mouse button click and context menu, only available for host)
Transmission of model position and orientation
Transmission of stick positions
Transmission of control surface deflections
Transmission of landing gear position
Transmission of rotor/propeller rpm
Transmission of engine rpm
Transmission of status-LED states

Flight recorder

Record flights from live simulation
Record flights of participants in a flight convention
Remove undesired sequences at the beginning or at the end of a recorded flight
Save flights as .dmo file
Select and playback flights from .dmo file
Convenient playback control with the Radio display
Registration of model position and orientation
Registration of stick positions
Registration of control surface deflections
Registration of landing gear position
Registration of rotor/propeller rpm
Registration of engine rpm
Registration of status-LED states
Registration of pitch values (only with helicopters)
Registration of rotor plane tilt (only with helicopters)
Registration of camera gimbal orientation
Low memory consumption (approx. 15 KB/s)

Radio display

Photorealistic presentation
Freely positionable in application window
Size scalable
Analog visualization of left and right stick position
Control mode for display adjustable (mode 1-4)
Multifunctional LCD graphic display with intuitive mouse operation
  Backlight color selectable (blue, yellow)
  Backlight brightness adjustable (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 75%, 100%)
  Display of selected control mode
  Digital display of stick position near corresponding control stick
  Display of control function title near corresponding control stick
  Display of model name, user name or flight title
  Display of current flight mode information (in simulation mode)
  Display of playback timeline with position marker (in playback mode)
  Digital display of playback speed (in playback mode)
  Integrated channel display for 12 channels
    Analog bar graph display
    Digital display in percentage
    Display of assigned control function title
  Integrated control history display
    Graphs illustrating control history of the 4 control functions next to one another
    Time scale adjustable (0,1s/DIV, 0,2s/DIV, 0,5s/DIV, 1,0s/DIV)
  Integrated telemetry display
    Digital display of altitude
    Digital display of climb rate
    Digital display of groundspeed
    Digital display of airspeed
    Digital display of heading
    Digital display of roll rate (only with airplanes)
    Digital display of main rotor rpm (only with helicopters)
    Digital display of main rotor pitch (only with helicopters)
    Digital display of tail rotor pitch (only with helicopters)
    Digital display of distance (only with multicopters)
Keyboard operation
  Pause, Resume flight (<PAUSE>-key)
  Playback speed adjustable steplessly by stick motion (<STRG>-key)
Mouse operation
  Start, Stop, Pause, Resume simulation (in simulation mode)
  Start, Stop, Pause, Rewind, Fast-forward playback (in playback mode)
  Set playback position (click on the playback timeline)
  Set playback position (drag position marker)
  Skip to playback start position (click on left edge of playback timeline)
  Skip to playback end position (click on right edge of playback timeline)
  Enable/disable Auto-Repeat playback option
  Switch to live playback (click on right edge of playback timeline)
  Adjust playback speed steplessly (drag above playback speed display)
  Save flight (click on disk icon)
  Adjust control mode (MODE 1, MODE 2, MODE 3, MODE 4)
  Switch between channel display, control history and telemetry display tab
  Adjust time scale (in control history display tab)
  Get help (click on question mark)
  Close Radio display (click on X)
  Open context menu (right mouse button click)

Virtual Reality

Works with most popular PC VR headsets by supporting the APIs from Oculus and SteamVR (OpenVR)
Stereoscopic 3D rendering
6DOF Tracking (head tracking + positional tracking)
Audio output via headset
Application window display option: HMD display mirrored
Application window display option: left eye
Application window display option: right eye
Application window display option: no display
Multisample antialiasing adjustable (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x)
Mip levels adjustable (1, 2, 3, 4)
Pixeles per display pixel adjustable (0,5 .. 2,5)
World scale adjustable to achieve natural perception of size (0,3 .. 1,7)


Intuitive and easy-to-use operation
Select model dialog with animated preview
Select scenery dialog with animated preview
Support of multitouch gestures on touchscreen devices (e.g. Tablet PC)
Can be operated completely via the connected transmitter (mouse can be remote controlled)
Automatic saving of all program settings when closing the application
Automatic restore of all program settings when starting the application
Save all program settings in .sim file
Restore all program settings from .sim file
Straightforward adjustment of channel assignment with helpful illustration
Plausibility check for channel assignment with helpful error messages
Save channel assignment in .fnc file
Restore channel assignment from .fnc file
Free software updates
Automatic notification about new software updates after application start (optional)
Automated installation of software updates (optional)
User interface switchable between german and english language
Comprehensive program help in german and english language
Multiprocessor support for highest performance
Simple installation/deinstallation