Discover REFLEX XTR²

REFLEX XTR² is a revolutionary software that allows you to learn and to perfect the remote control of multicopters, model aircrafts and model helicopters. Learn more about some of the fascinating capabilities of the world's most innovative RC flight simulator.

Do you feel insecure when flying nose in? Do you dare to fly inverted? Do you get sweat even before take off? Whether you are a beginner, advanced or professional, REFLEX XTR² will take you to higher RC flying levels.

With impressive graphics and incredibly realistic simulation, every training session becomes an exciting experience.

Control with your own transmitter as you are used to it. All you need is a standard USB simulator interface. These are available in a variety of designs from various suppliers. Of course, you can also use a regular game controller for control.

Almost every RC pilot uses a simulator these days. Do you also want to fly better, safer and more relaxed? With REFLEX XTR² you will have more fun with your exclusive hobby. Not only at the airfield, but also at home. The investment pays off as soon as you prevent a single crash.

Conquer the full range of RC flying

Helicopters, airplanes, gliders, quadrocopters, hexacopters, trainers, 3D, scale, electric or gas engines, you will easily find the perfect model for your individual training.

The models are reproduced down to the smallest detail. Rotors, propellers and control surfaces move exactly the same way as the original.

Exhaust clouds appear so realistic that you can almost smell them.

With some models, the retractable gear can be remotely controlled.

In order to familiarize yourself with the different types of stabilization, multicopters are equipped with the original flight modes such as SMART, ANGLE, HOME, COURSE LOCK, GPS, ATTITUDE, MANUAL etc. Even the glowing and flashing of the status-LEDs correspond exactly to the real thing.

REFLEX XTR² simulates a multitude of highly complex physical processes that actually take place in reality. This is why you get a flying experience that can't be more thrilling, lively and real.

Fly at impressive places that really exist

Original scenes were photographed, measured and programmed with a lot of attention to detail in an elaborate procedure. The ingenious use of light and shadow conveys a precise impression of spatial depth and creates a harmonious atmosphere for every scenery.

Fantastic RC flying airfields in beautiful landscape are waiting for you.

On spectacular slope soaring sites, strong winds are blowing with realistic turbulences. Configure the wind conditions according to your own desires and preferences.

At the impressive night flying spot you will experience the evening twilight in real time.

In an interesting gym you can get used to flying in limited space.

Many other exciting locations provide a great variety of training opportunities. Have you ever flown on a huge ice surface?

The terrain's shape of all sceneries are precisely replicated and provided with suitable material characteristics. That's why you can "feel" any ground contact due to the authentic response of your model.

Obstacles are precisely simulated so that you can crash, get stuck and, if possible, land on them.

If you are skilled, you can even balance up on obstacles. Within the simulator you are allowed to do anything that is prohibited in reality.

The variety and profundity of the real scenery's aspects taken into account, create such a convincing illusion of the reality that every single simulation will turn into an exciting flight adventure.

Find new friends while flying together in the network

Fly together with up to 8 pilots in a flight convention. Create your own flight convention as a host or join one of the already running ones. Quite simple and without cumbersome registration or additional costs. All you need is an internet connection.

Become part of the constantly growing REFLEX XTR² community and demonstrate your skills. Or alternatively study the hottest maneuvers demonstated by the cracks. With the amazing analyzing capabilities of the Radio display, you can pause, rewind, slow-motion, and even save flights for later investigation.

Analyze flights with the awesome Radio display

The multifunctional Radio display not only shows the position of the sticks. In the graphical control history display tab it also indicates the speed and temporal relation between the individual control functions.

Use the appropriate buttons to pause, fast-forward, rewind, or slow-motion interesting flights. This does not only function during your live simulation, but also with saved flights and with flights of pilots you observe in a flight convention. Study new maneuvers from other pilots and add them to your own repertoire.

Experience true-to-life simulations in Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has finally become affordable for RC pilots. With REFLEX XTR² you can take full advantage of your VR headset. The wide field of view and the stereoscopic rendering provide an overwhelming 3D experience. The revolutionary headtracking offers you the perfect orientation in space with which you can accurately estimate trajectory and speed. The sensational feeling of immersion is further enhanced by the ingeniously implemented tracking of the observer's position.

You will be impressed how natural and genuine RC flying can feel in Virtual Reality. It's like you're actually present on the airfield.

Whether you want to practice landing approaches or work on the precision of your aerobatic skills, the intuitive spatial orientation that REFLEX XTR² provides on a modern VR headset is a tremendous relief for any kind of flight training. Once you have experienced it, you will never want to miss it again!

Use cutting-edge training methods

In oder to help you to achieve respectable learning success quickly and easily, REFLEX XTR² provides you with a few sophisticated training assistants:

With the Hovering-Trainer and the Torque-Trainer you learn to hover step by step by concentrating on individual control functions letting the assistant control everything else. This way, you will quickly gain some initial sense of achievement and you will be motivated for further training.

The unique Crash&Retry trainer helps you with tricky manoeuvres flown close to the ground. If you crash, it rewinds the simulation briefly and then resumes, so that you can easily avoid the previous control failure.

When training fast and complex manoeuvres, the time expansion factor allows you to slow down the simulation as much as you require.

REFLEX XTR² realistically reproduces the difficulty of clearly recognizing flight attitude and flight direction while being dazzled by the sun. Within the simulation, you will gain the necessary self-confidence to easily master these situations in reality.

Unfavorable winds, thermals, sudden engine failure or fog-induced limited visibility are additional challenges that will keep your REFLEX XTR² flight training always fun and exciting.

You are ready for REFLEX XTR²

For REFLEX XTR² you don't need to be a computer or modelling expert. Installation is straightforward and quick. Software updates are free of charge and install automatically. You connect your transmitter via a standard USB simulator interface. You don't have to spend a lot of time programming it, a simple program without mixes will work for any simulator model.

After the software installation, the center position is calibrated once and the channel assignment is requested. Everything is self-explanatory, clear and intuitive to use.

In case of doubt, you can use the program help where all menu items, dialogs and settings are explained in detail.


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